Kevin McCarthy, President MoonRaker LLC

Kevin R. McCarthy (President, MoonRaker, LLC) has over 33 years of experience in aviation operations for both US military and civilian airlines. A former B777 Captain in worldwide operations for a major US airline, he is a recognized expert in transportation security and operations, critical infrastructure protection and resiliency. In the post 9/11 US environment, he directed the aviation industry’s first Office of Intelligence and Emerging Threats, worked closely with the TSA and DHS in establishing cutting edge security programs and advised the US Congress on Homeland Security issues. Kevin represented the airline industry to the US Defense Department on Homeland Defense issues and for the Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority. In 2003, he led a team developing protocols to reopen Baghdad International Airport to civilian air operations.  MoonRaker, LLC also engaged in enhancing sustainable aviation operations enterprises for developing nations and logistically challenged territories.